What is Idavoll?

Idavoll is an implementation of a generic publish-subscribe service component for Jabber servers, as described in XEP-0060, written in Python using the Twisted networking framework.

This site uses trac, which lets you:

For more information, see the TracGuide.


The most current release is 0.9.1, available via the downloads section and via PyPI using:

easy_install idavoll


Your input is much appreciated. The Twisted Jabber mailing list is home to user questions, announcements and development discussions.


Main repository

The main Mercurial repository is available at Quick checkout:

hg clone



The old Subversion repository ( is current up till the 0.9.1 release, and is no longer updated.


  • HTTP Interface into Idavoll. This is the documentation of an interface for publishing to local nodes and subscribing to remote nodes using HTTP.


Idavoll lends its name from norse mythology:

In the middle of Asgard lies the emerald-green grassyplain known as Idavoll, where the Æsir meet to decide upon important matters. Its literal translation: Plain of Activity or Field of Deeds. The plain is surrounded by the 13 halls of the Æsir gods and in the middle of it grows a large ash with the name Yggdrasil. Many floods spring from the roots of Yggdrasil and one of them is called Mimir's well.


Idavoll's primary author is Ralph Meijer. In his personal blog, Ralph posts the latest developments on Idavoll and other Jabber related topics.

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